Advanced Spinal Decompression

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Experiencing numbness and radiating pain or tingling to your arms or legs? Losing strength or sensation in your arms or legs?

You could be suffering from a “pinched” nerve caused by a slipped disc or degenerative condition. In recent years, the advancement of technology has allowed for the development of non-surgical, non-invasive approaches in the treatment of herniated or degenerated discs.

This means that with our advanced spinal decompression treatments, our table will provide a low-force, smooth decompression in a completely different class from other cable-based systems. It also means dramatically better outcomes because the Practice Member will experience far less muscle-guarding—a common problem with other designs.

We have partnered up with a reputable company in the USA to bring to you the latest, evidence based, and, most advanced treatment to help you in your neck and back pain. Our decompression treatment is very targeted and specific to the Practice Members’ level of injury.

Since 2014, many Practice Members who have been loyal, diligent and patient to the process have experienced significant improvements to their conditions from the time they walked in to our practice to the time they completed their recommended treatments with us.

For more details on our decompression treatments, you can download the brochure here: [HillDT Patient Education Brochure] [approximately 1.4MB in PDF format] or you could read more from Dr. Tim Burkhart on how “Traction is not Decompression“, here.

Here’s a video explaining in more detail how our non-surgical, non-invasive spinal decompression works.


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