Slipped discs in the neck and lower back

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Herniated aka “Slipped” Discs in the Neck and Lower Back 

The spine is made up of vertebral bones and discs interlaying each other from the neck all the way down to the low back. The discs give additional height to the spine as well as act as “shock absorbers” that allows the body to absorb impact without injury when performing activities such as running, jumping, and twisting.

When the load however exceeds that which the discs can carry, or if there is an injury or wear and tear that reduces the tensile strength of the discs, a herniation of the disc can occur. Inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain can quickly set in when this occurs. In more severe cases, numbness and tingling down the arms and hands, or, thighs and legs can occur.

If you suspect that you have a herniated disc, or have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, do speak with one of our specialists at Spinefit. Our advanced spinal decompression and integrated approach may be able to offer you an excellent evidence based alternative to surgery or painkillers, and is effective in the conservative treatment and management of disc herniations.


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