Neck and lower back degenerative disc disease

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Degenerated Disc Disease in the Neck and Lower Back

Unlike healthy discs, degenerated discs do not tend to herniate. Recalling that intervertebral discs give additional support and height to the vertebral bone above and below it, when a disc degenerates it loses its “height” which results in a narrowing of the gap (intervertebral foramen) and compresses your spinal nerve root as it exits. When this occurs, pain, numbness and tingling can be felt along the path travelled by the involved nerve, down to the arms and hands, or thighs and legs.

If not treated early, degenerated discs can cause permanent disability and result in an overall reduction in quality of life and function. Speak to one of our specialists at Spinefit and see how our integrated approach can assist you in regaining your life and function!

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