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**This programme has been discontinued**
**Please see T&Cs below**



We’re launching a new programme this week.


The SPINEFIT 101 Programme is ideal for individuals who want to familiarise themselves with the benefits of chiropractic care.
The programme includes a consultation session with our chiropractor, and two chiropractic adjustments to address issues identified in the neck, shoulders and back. Also included are two one-on-one rehab sessions involving guided exercises designed for strengthening, flexibility and muscle conditioning.


Our aim is for Practice Members to experience the improvement in both wellbeing and performance that chiropractic care can bring.


Programme includes:


1 x Consultation
2 x Chiropractic Adjustments
2 x Rehab Sessions (with posture correction)




Terms & Conditions

Programme elements must be completed within TWO WEEKS (2) of the initial visit. 

Limited to TWO (2) programme runs per Practice Member.
The SPINEFIT 101 Programme expires on the 31st of May 2015.


To make your appointment, either call us during business hours on 03-64193918 or book here!

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