Spinal Decompression

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We have been receiving some enquiries of late from individuals who have or know of someone who has a slipped disc. At Spinefit Chiropractic, we offer spinal decompression therapy as one of our treatment programmes to help individuals with slipped disc as their main complaint.

The spinal decompression programme we offer is in-line with our non surgical approach in treating our Practice Members. During this programme, the machine we use will gently reduce the pressure in the slipped disc to create a vacuum-like effect within the cavity, allowing the disc to naturally return to its original position and diffusing the pressure on the nerves. The decompression programme we offer at Spinefit Chiropractic provide our Practice Members with a better success rate that targets specific regions as compared to other conventional decompression treatments that uses a pulley system.


To complement the recovery process, chiropractic adjustments as well as rehabilitative exercises is highly recommended. For an in depth article on the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy, you can read the article here: Measured Success of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Below is a video that clearly explains in detail the spinal decompression therapy programme.


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