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In order for movement to occur, our muscles have to contract, causing the spine and joints to move in tandem. Poor posture or weak muscles can result in reduced mobility and injury.

Our rehab specialists provide excellent and efficient programmes that will help our Practice Members maximise their movement and recovery capability so they can go about their daily activities with ease.

1. Strength: Strengthening
The muscles that support your joint or spine help keep your lower and upper body stable. Keeping these muscles strong can relieve back pain and prevent further injury.

2. Flexibility: Stretching
This is important for restoring range of motion and preventing injury. Gently stretching after strengthening exercises can help reduce muscle soreness and keep muscles long and flexible.

3. Conditioning: Activation
Muscle conditioning is performed in order to restore balance to imbalanced muscles and improve endurance for optimised movement.

In addition to the programmes designed specifically for each Practice Member, our rehab specialists can also assist with specific muscle related conditions that require dry needling treatment.

Dry needling is recommended as an effective technique to treat acute or chronic orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions. It uses small filament type needles to release tight muscles (“trigger points”) that may be causing muscle pain or limiting the range in movement.

Trigger points are knots that are found in tight muscles that are usually hypersensitive and tender to touch. These points form as a result of prolonged posture, repetitive motion, and sometimes psychological stress. The trigger points can limit the muscle leading to impaired movement and function over time. In some cases, trigger points are also found to have a referral pattern, that can lead to pain and discomfort over other regions throughout the body.

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