Postural corrections and misalignment

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Majority of us are aware of the importance of good posture in maintaining good health. But only a handful of people have a real grasp of the necessity of having good posture.

What is Posture?

Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies through daily positions such as standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts and supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Without it, we would simply fall to the ground.

Why is good posture important?

Good posture enables our bones and joints to be in correct alignment so that our muscles are used correctly. This decreases the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could lead to joint pain and arthritis.

Besides that, it helps our muscle to work more efficiently. This prevent muscle fatigue as it allows the body to use less energy during movement or activities.

Lastly, it reduces stress on the ligament that hold our skeleton together, therefore, minimizing the likelihood of injuries.

Consequences of Poor Posture

Poor posture places an enormous strain on our postural muscles (eg: sitting in infront of a computer for hours). As a result, we are more susceptible to injuries and back pain. Several other factors that contribute to poor posture include stress, weak postural muscles, abnormally tight muscles and high heeled shoes. Poor work environment and incorrect working posture can also contribute to poor body positioning.

Can I correct my posture?

Conscious awareness of your own posture and knowing what posture is correct is the first step in your journey towards a healthy posture. With much practice, the correct posture for standing, sitting and lying down will gradually replace your unhealthy posture.

Moreover, chiropractic care can assist you with proper posture, including recommending spinal adjustments which corrects your spinal alignment and exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles.

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