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Sep 02, 2021 / Blog, Exercise, Health

Long Covid & Rehabilitation

Long Covid & Rehabilitation   Nearly 2 years into the global Covid-19 pandemic, we may be familiar with the vaccines and SOP’s that we all need to go through. But for some people who have contracted Covid-19, a small percentage of them suffer from symptoms that go beyond the standard 2-weeks recovery time and continue to affect their daily... Read more »

Jul 13, 2021 / Blog, Exercise, Health

Common Injuries In Recreational Runners

Common Injuries In Recreational Runners If you’re coming from our previous post on the types of footstrike patterns, you’ve probably been paying more attention to your feet when you’re running now! So you might be wondering what are the common injuries that come with each running pattern, and more importantly how to run safer and better.  With running, our feet... Read more »

Jun 14, 2021 / Blog, Exercise, Health

3 Running Types To Manage Your Pain

3 Running Types To Manage Your Pain It’s that time of the year again, and by that I mean we’re back into MCO (number what again now?). This time around, running is allowed with adherence to physical distancing. And boy have we seen more and more people coming out for a walk/run now. Look outside your neighbourhood and if it’s a warm... Read more »