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Oct 07, 2015 / Blog

Long Hours On Your Feet?

Long Hours On Your Feet? There are some of us who work in industries that require us to be on our feet for long hours. For example,  someone working in the F&B industry would be on their feet for about 10-12 hours on average per day. When you think about it, there will definitely be some spine or muscle issues as a... Read more »

Sep 14, 2015 / Blog

Hazy Days

Hazy Days In our latest post, we have Dr. Aaron to share a little bit on the haze that’s currently affecting our air quality here in Malaysia and the effect of PM2.5 in the air we are breathing. Let’s see what he has to share with us:   Indeed these are hazy days! The purpose of this... Read more »

Sep 02, 2015 / Blog


Stretching Often times we may start and end our activities without doing a proper warm up/down. It doesn’t help when we are cramming in a workout during our lunch hour or when time isn’t on our side. Stretching then takes a back seat or becomes completely non-existent in our workout routines. Stretching is a very important component... Read more »

Aug 04, 2015 / Blog

Cold vs Heat Packs

Cold vs Heat Packs When do you know which one to use?   Often times when we have practice members who come in to see us, we either use the heat pack on them or “ice them down” before we start our treatments. What is the significance of doing that and when would you use a cold or heat... Read more »

Jul 03, 2015 / Blog

Lower Back Pain in Cyclists

Lower Back Pain in Cyclists One of our team member is an avid mountain biker. According to him, many of his cyclist friends complain about pain in the lower back area. One would think this is contrary to belief since a cyclist is often using their legs and the pain would be in their knees. However, research has shown that many... Read more »

Jun 23, 2015 / Blog


Partnering We’ve had such an eventful month, this past June 2015. Our team had a successful health talk supporting Curves Bukit Damansara in their 4th Birthday celebration week. What was supposed to be a short 30 to 45 minute talk turned to a near hour long talk with the majority of the time spent on Q&As!... Read more »

Jun 05, 2015 / Blog

Curves Bukit Damansara Birthday Celebrations

Curves Bukit Damansara Birthday Celebrations Yup, like the title says, we’re so excited to announce that our team will be supporting Curves Bukit Damansara in their upcoming 4th Birthday Celebration week (8th to 13th June 2015). Curves Bukit Damansara is a unique gym, part of the global Curves brand that is specifically for women only. In this safe environment, the Curves... Read more »

May 09, 2015 / Blog

What is kinesio taping?

What is kinesio taping? We’ve seen it on TV and sometimes even at the gym. People with bright coloured tape stuck on various places around their bodies. Ever wondered what they were? Essentially, those bright coloured tape is used to either prevent or treat athletic injuries. These tapes or kinesiology tapes, are made of thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strips... Read more »

Apr 22, 2015 / Blog

Shockwave Treatment

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy  (either Radial or Focused),  is a safe and non-surgical treatment for multiple tendon injuries. At Spinefit Chiropractic, the shockwave programme is in-line with our non-surgical integrated approach in treating our Practice Members that have sporting or overuse injuries. During the treatment, Practice Members will benefit from the formation of new blood vessels (neo-vascularization)... Read more »

Apr 02, 2015 / Blog

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression We have been receiving some enquiries of late from individuals who have or know of someone who has a slipped disc. At Spinefit Chiropractic, we offer spinal decompression therapy as one of our treatment programmes to help individuals with slipped disc as their main complaint. The spinal decompression programme we offer is in-line with our non... Read more »