IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are currently closed in accordance to the Federal Malaysian Government's Movement Control Order (MCO) till Tuesday, 14th April 2020. If you'd like to make your next appointment with us, you can contact us here or send us a WhatsApp message here. Hoping that there will be no changes, we will resume our operations on Wednesday, 15th April 2020.

Mar 30, 2020 / Blog

Ergonomic tips as you #WFH during MCO

Ergonomic tips as you #WFH during MCO With the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia till the 14th of April 2020, getting that appointment to see us in the first week of April to address your aches and pains as a result of working from home (WFH) doesn’t look like it’ll be happening soon. By now, we’re sure that... Read more »

Mar 21, 2020 / Blog

Into the unknown

Into the unknown Hopefully the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) period will give us all some time to think, reflect and catch up with our own immediate family members at home. For some of us in the team, the RMO has allowed for some much needed quality meal times with our very busy household – which is a great... Read more »

Feb 21, 2020 / Blog

Should an athlete see a chiropractor?

Should an athlete see a chiropractor? As an athlete, its normal to get sores and aches from time to time due to high intensity training as well as games. Chiropractic care treatments are focused more towards passive care which could benefit athletes as the chiropractor does most of the work. For an athlete, the biggest issue is staying fit and limiting... Read more »

Nov 19, 2019 / Blog

What are some internal or external factors that could influence your child’s development? Part 2

What are some internal or external factors that could influence your child’s development? Part 2 The vestibular system, a system that is not commonly talked about – but has already begun to develop in the womb as the foetus is rocked back and forth by the mothers movements, maturing from birth until the ages of 16 years old. It is the brain’s “traffic controller” for all the sensory information it receives.... Read more »

Oct 03, 2019 / Blog

3 things to think about as your child develops; Part 1

3 things to think about as your child develops; Part 1 Most of us as parents understand that our children would have achieved certain developmental milestones at certain ages, whether it is cognitive, social, behavioral or motor. As a physiotherapist, my interest lies greatly in the motor development of young children! For example, catching thrown items at 4 years old, skipping at 5 years old and... Read more »

Sep 17, 2019 / Blog, Health

Staying ahead of the haze

Staying ahead of the haze At the time of writing, certain places in Sarawak and Selangor have an API (Air Pollution Index) readings of between 200 to as high as 290+! Schools in these these states as well as Putrajaya have been ordered to close for the safety and health of the students. Events all around Malaysia have been cancelled... Read more »

Jul 09, 2019 / Blog

An active approach to injury prevention

An active approach to injury prevention Am I going to get injured? How can I prevent injury and make sure that I avoid injury? What if I’ve been injured before – can I become more confident in facing the same sport that gave me the injury in the first place? Is there something I could do better? Simple questions that are... Read more »

Jun 12, 2019 / Blog

Improving your breathing for a healthier life

Improving your breathing for a healthier life Breathing is a daily part of our lives but we hardly think about something that occurs nearly every second of the day. With science, we know that the average human takes in oxygen from the air, where it enters our lungs, and the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide occurs. Freshly oxygenated blood from the... Read more »

Apr 23, 2019 / Blog

Benefits of preventative health

Benefits of preventative health As chiropractors and physiotherapists, we see that one of the most important goals many of our practice members have is essentially to become healthier. Unfortunately by the time they come to see us, many of these individuals are already experiencing some level of pain where for some, their conditions are already chronic. Our aim through... Read more »

Feb 19, 2019 / Blog

Understanding ankle sprains

Understanding ankle sprains In our previous post, we covered shoulder pain and the different reasons why a shoulder complex might hurt. For this post, we’ll be looking a little more into another area that is very commonly injured – our ankles! A “sprained ankle” is one of the most common injuries that can occur when the ligaments around... Read more »